Note on data protection
 Employees, customers or business partners of Muster GmbH can use "iWhistle" to report both violations of compliance regulations, such as antitrust or corruption law in particular ("Compliance" reporting channel), and certain violations of data protection regulations ("Data Protection" reporting channel) or human rights ("Human Rights" reporting channel).
The three reporting systems are strictly separated. The "Compliance" reporting channel is operated by the Corporate Compliance department of Muster GmbH and only employees of this department have access to the reports. The "Data Protection" reporting channel is provided by the data protection department of Muster GmbH and only this department has access to the reports received via this channel. The "Human Rights" reporting channel is operated by the Human Rights Department of Muster GmbH and only employees of this department have access to this reporting channel. An exchange of information between the departments only takes place if this would be exceptionally necessary to process a specific case.

The infrastructure of the system, including websites and database, is operated by the service provider iComply GmbH, located in 55116 Mainz, Große Langgasse 1A. iComply GmbH is contractually bound to strict confidentiality and to comply with all data protection requirements.

What personal data and information is collected and processed?
When reporting violations via "iWhistle", personal data: 

  • Of the person submitting a report (e.g. name, contact details) (optional/voluntary!) and 
  • of the persons affected by an incident (e.g. description of the actions of affected persons) 

entered in the respective reporting form or transmitted via the protected mailbox are collected and processed. The data is processed by the responsible department in order to review the reported incidents, initiate and conduct investigations, and take remedial action as necessary.

As part of the reviews, investigations and remedial actions to be taken, it may be necessary to share information about a reported incident with employees of other departments such as the Legal Department or with the management of Muster GmbH, other Muster companies, external consultants (e.g. legal advisors) or the competent authorities. We may also be required to report a reported incident to the relevant authorities and to the affected individuals.

How long will personal data be stored?
The personal data and information you provide will be retained for as long as knowledge of them is necessary to process the report and, if applicable, to initiate sanctions, or for as long as the data must be retained by law. If a notification proves to be unfounded, the notification together with any personal data contained therein will be deleted immediately.